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Signal boost: God Hates Them What Hate the Gays

Thought this might be of interest.


Cambridge Rindge and Latin has one of the oldest high school Gay-Straight Alliances in the country. Fred Phelps, of "God Hates Fags" protesting and internet fame, dislikes this. You remember Fred Phelps, right?

Yeah, that Fred Phelps. He'll be at the school on 13 March, expressing his displeasure.

Project 10 East, the GSA in question, and Driving Equality are hosting a Phelps-a-thon in response. They're taking pledges for every minute Phelps is on their sidewalk. The money goes to Project 10 East, to help make Cambridge Rindge and Latin a more welcoming place for queer students. And Fred Phelps gets a thank you card for the donation. Good deal.

Donate here, if you have the means. And if not, please pass the word along.

Remember, god is our best fag. Xe'd want you to pass along your pennies.
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